What Divorce Option Is Right For Me?

When you are facing divorce, it can be overwhelming to consider the process when so much is going on emotionally and otherwise in your life. But, choosing the right way to approach your divorce can be the first step toward making it through and being able to build the life you want afterward.

But, how do you choose which approach to divorce is right for you? Here are some of the most relevant aspects of the different types of divorce:

  • Mediation — When couples mediate their divorce, they come together to find common ground and create solutions that will work for both of them. Mediation offers divorcing couples numerous advantages, including cost and times savings, reduced stress, lower likelihood of intractable disputes arising and keeping decision-making power in your own hands rather than turning to a judge to decide what your life will look like after your divorce. Mediation allows a greater degree of flexibility that can allow for more creative solutions to challenging questions.
  • Collaborative law — The collaborative law process involves both spouses working together to settle the questions of their divorce through negotiation. It offers the same advantages of mediation with the additional benefit of having an attorney represent you in the process. Many people feel more secure and confident knowing that they have an attorney who is dedicated to helping them protect their interests and achieve their goals through the collaborative law process.
  • Litigation — When negotiating a resolution to your divorce is unlikely to succeed, litigation may be the best way forward. In litigated divorce, the couple turns to the court to decide major issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support and the division of the marital estate. Issues that can make litigated divorce a good choice can include abuse, psychological issues or substance abuse issues that make the possibility of negotiating a divorce settlement unlikely.

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