Collaborative Law Divorce

Collaborative law offers the same benefits as divorce mediation, including cost and time savings, reduced stress and the ability to make decisions between you and your spouse rather than relying on a judge to make them for you. The main difference is that in the collaborative law process you have an attorney who is dedicated to helping you make the most of the process and to protecting your best interests.

What Is The Collaborative Law Divorce Process?

A collaborative law divorce involves each spouse securing legal representation. The spouses and their attorneys then enter into an agreement to work together to resolve all of the issues of the divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support and property division questions.

An Interdisciplinary Approach To Divorce

An additional benefit of the collaborative law approach to divorce is its interdisciplinary nature. We bring in other professionals such as financial planners to assist with the financial aspects of the divorce. We can also utilize a divorce coach or mental health professional who can assist in reducing stress and improving the efficiency of communication.

Founder Of The Collaborative Law Institute Of Missouri

I am attorney Hugh F. O'Donnell. I helped introduce the benefits of collaborative law to Missouri in 2001. In the time since, I have conducted numerous advanced trainings for other attorneys who wanted to learn more about the process and how their family law clients could be helped by it. I have more than 40 years of experience in family law.

How Collaborative Law Divorce Can Help When Children Are Part Of The Equation

I know the challenges that people face when it is time to divorce, and I know the good that collaborative law can do for people. Keeping decision-making power in their own hands can give people a degree of control over their lives when things may seem out of control. Further, the collaborative law process is especially well-suited to divorces with children as it helps parents begin to work together. This can be incredibly important to the well-being of a child because, while parents may no longer be spouses to each other, they will always be parents to their children.

Collaborative Divorce In The Kansas City Area

The collaborative law process offers many benefits to those facing divorce. I can help you use that process to secure the outcomes you need from your divorce. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 816-533-3290 or contact me online.