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More Than 40 Years' Family Law Experience

I am attorney Hugh F. O'Donnell. The method I've developed is time-tested and based on years of study, training, and the intuition gained through helping countless couples resolve their differences. The process ensures your time and money is spent in the most effective way possible because agreements are reached only when your voice is heard and your interests are understood.

For those facing divorce, I offer three different approaches to resolving all of the relevant issues:

  • Mediation — In mediation, a divorcing couple works to create solutions rather than turning over that power to a judge who does not know them or their circumstances as well as they do. Apart from divorce, I mediate standalone family law issues as well.
  • Collaborative law — A collaborative law divorce offers all of the benefits of mediation with the added benefit of having an attorney who represents you throughout the process.
  • Divorce litigation — This is what most people think of when they think about divorce. A litigated divorce is tried before a judge who will sort through the facts and craft a divorce that he or she believes will work for each individual. Having a skilled trial lawyer representing you can help you greatly in this process.

Civil Mediation And Litigation

I also offer my experienced and skilled assistance to those seeking to resolve other issues such as personal injury, business disputes, and traffic through civil mediation. As a former assistant city prosecutor, I have represented many clients facing traffic and other municipal charges, including DUI, possession of drugs, domestic violence, assault and other charges.

Divorce Attorney Serving The Kansas City Area

Divorce and other legal issues can create incredibly complex difficulties. I can help you secure the resolution you need to your divorce or another legal issue. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 816-533-3290 or contact me online.